Old School Desk

While looking around Craigslist (I really gotta stop doing that!) I found this old school desk. It’s from the 1880’s and I LOVE it! Now on to my dilemma…..I really want to paint it, but it also feels wrong to paint it! I definitely subscribe to the “If you don’t LOVE it then paint it” way of thinking. But there is also something that feels wrong about painting something that is really old and classic.

I was thinking of leaving the iron work black and painting the wood a cream color. Either way it needs something…the wood is pretty beat up for years of being used. What do you think?


  1. I’m a “paint it” sort of person. But this looks pretty nice wood. If I were to paint it I might do a more “out there” color than white tho. Go big, or go home 🙂 hard call

  2. I too am a paint it gal. But I am having thesame issues with a filing cabinet I just bought. I say we take a dont paint them pact, just because. We can always paint them later….

    love your guts

  3. I WANT that desk!! We just moved into an 1880 former one room school house!! I think I would repaint the black, black – just to freshen it up, then maybe restain the wood. Or used linseed oil. My husband refinished our 130 yr. hardwood floors. Once he got off all the old varnish, he cleaned the floors, with mineral spirits, applied a coat or 2 of linseed oil, then 4 coats of poly. Gave the floors a really pretty color without using a stain.

    Have fun with the desk!! We had some like it when I was a kid. Mom garage saled them. : (

  4. The wood color is gorgeous alongside the black iron. However, it is in your home and you bought, so you get do whatever you want to do. That’s my rule. Good luck, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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