No-Sew Ribbon Trees

I have seen many versions of “trees” this season. Some with glitter, some with pine cones, and my favorite; the ruffle ribbon trees. If there is one niche of crafting that I have not tried to conquer, it would be sewing. I don’t own a sewing machine. I don’t know how to sew a stitch! So what’s a non-sewing girl to do when she really wants some ruffly ribbon?
The answer? Hot glue!
I took two paper mache cones and two different ribbons and got started. Oh and LOTS of hot glue!

I then glued one end of the ribbon to the cone and every inch or so I would fold over the top of the ribbon, I pleated it if you will. The ribbons were wired and that helped out a lot! I glued the ribbon down all along the top. The pleating gave the ribbon some fun ruffling.
I alternated the ribbons all the way up on both cones, gluing all the way! I finished them up with some bows on top.

I placed them up on some thrift store candle holders for some height. I like how it looks like the trees have curvy funky trunks.

I added a sparkly “NOEL” on the table in front of them. I picked it up this year and I love a little sparkle!
So there you have it: some no-sew, polka dot, ruffly, frilly ribbon trees!
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  1. Cute trees! I like the look of them on the candle holders!

  2. I’m the same way! My mother in law keeps insisting she buy me a sewing machine so I can learn to sew. But why learn when you have a hot glue gun right?!LOVE your trees. Too cute!

  3. Thank you so much for this no sew project. I don’t sew or own a sewing machine either so this was nice to see. Love your blog btw and I am now following. Have a Merry Christmas.

  4. These are adorable!!

  5. How pretty! They look like they took a long time so I’m surprised at how simple it is to make them!

  6. OMG these are as cute as cute can be! LOVE!

  7. I like these a lot. Very Dr. Seuss and the Grinch in the best, most whismical way!

  8. It’s very cute. Going to do some experimenting with this! I’m thinking burlap!!! I also want to mention that when you’re using ribbon with wire in it, it’s very easy to gather. The way I do it is to measure a length of ribbon twice the length you want to cover (so measure around the tree where you want it to go and double that). Once it’s cut you should be able to pull the wire out of one side of the ribbon completely. Leave the other wire in, but pull an inch or so of it out at each end of the ribbon (this will get the ribbon starting to bunch up). Hold both ends of wire in one hand and slide the ribbon away from the ends into the middle. It will ruffle up beautifully! Then you could tie the wire around the tree and cut off the excess. And of course hot glue it into place!

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