Thrifty Thursday #1

Since I so enjoy thrifting and finding a good deal, I thought I would occasionally show off some “thrifty” finds. I know sometimes you may be perusing a thrift store and come across something. You may not really know what you’ll use it for but you buy it anyway. My craft area is filled with “goodies” that are just waiting for me to come up with something!
Look at this massive bag of wine corks I found! When I saw someone else pick up the bag I started to drool and I was thrilled when they put it back down. I was even more thrilled when I saw the price, $2.52!

Look at ALL those corks! Most of them are from the same winery but that’s ok. So now I need to come up with some fun wine cork projects.

At the same place I found this metal “apothecary” container. I guess that’s what it is….not really sure. The top does swing open to put things in. I think some of my $1 store balls would look great in this!

It will need a paint job definitely, still trying to decide on color though.
So have you found any thrifty goodies lately? I need to live vicariously through you guys as there has been no thrift store shopping with little chicken pox girl!
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  1. Ohh what fabulous finds! I’m anxious to see what you end up doing with the corks. I didn’t posted some goodies I found at a local antique shop… here’s the link…

    I’d love for you to take a look! 🙂

  2. Oh I am so coveting that bag of wine corks!! Great find! I recently posted about some of my finds too! I’m hard at work trying to get through painting all of them but I already have the itch to go back for some more treasures!!

  3. So awesome! I am Jealous of the corks, completely! The apothecary jar is neat too. Awesome finds. Blessings <3 Paula

  4. Those are great finds, the possibilities are endless!

  5. Im so jealous of that wine cork find. I have everyone I know saving them for me. I’m going to make a wine cork message board and perhaps a topiary as well. I JUST NEED MORE!

  6. Hi, Love the metal jar and so sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope the chicken pox clear up soon!

  7. Great finds and super prices.
    It is not yet yard sale season here so I’ve been trying new ways to thrift. (Come visit and see)
    I think your apothocary could be painted bright colors for spring and summer, but something that allows you to change up whatever is inside and not overpower it.

  8. In all honesty I think that apothecary jar might be a wine cork holder! Wouldn’t that be such a coincidence. They would look fabulous in it either way. Paint it a stunning color and put the corks in it! TA DA!!!

  9. it makes my day when i find something great for a bargain! i wish i had more thrift stores in my area 🙂 nice work!

  10. I found corks at my Goodwill today too! I already have a bunch and just have them in a vase in the kitchen. Whatcha gonna make?

  11. Lucky you!!! Great finds! Check out this website for some great ideas.

  12. Such great finds. I would put the wine corks in the apothecary. They would look great together.


  13. I passed up a bag of these while out not that long ago…Im really kicking myself now…theres so many thing u can do with them. Something as simple as placing them in a jar on the bar would be a nice way to display them. Ive even seen them split and glued all along the outer rim of a shelf………im sure ule find something to do with the awesome thrift store find……….Bonnie

  14. SO fun! What a great find the corks!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with them!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can’t wait to see what you have for next week!

  15. It’s exciting when we find some great things that are really cheap it gets the creative juices flowing , well done , I’m looking forward to see what your are going to make and do with them ..I was also thinking the cork message board . I’m an Aussie what about a hat with corks all hanging around the rim great to keep the flies off not really crafty just a thought , do you have them in the US. If you get some spare time I would love you to drop by and take a look at my blog , I love recycling,reducing reusing and rethinking of more ways to be greener. tips for saving same ,energy and money , crafts ,sewing and trying to live a simple life ! I love your blog by the way ! Sherrie from

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