Thrifty Thursdays #9

A few Saturdays ago I attended Remnants of the Past, a really awesome vintage show. I had no idea just how big and how amazing this event would be. I highly under estimated how much money to bring and how many amazing things I would find. I will definitely have to save up for the next one.
I found a book of old sheet music, accordion music to be exact! Check out that old locker basket, I would have bought more if they were cheaper.
I’ve been wanting a burlap pillow for my crib bench for sometime and I fell in love with this “french” one. I also found a French history book. Love. It’s just asking to be a book wreath!
I had to pick up some of these old tarnished soup spoons. For some reason tarnished silver always catches my eye!
I can not even begin to tell you how many fabulous things there were and how many things I wanted to buy. I would so love to be a vendor at this show, I don’t know if I could even compare to what I saw this day but it would be so amazing! If any of you live within driving distance of the California Central Coast I would highly suggest attending! They will be holding another show in the Fall, one way or another I will be there!!!
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  1. California is a little too far to travel from Alabama, but the market sounds amazing! Glad you had fun…Tiffany

  2. There do not seem to be shows of that caliber around here. Probably a good thing since I would be even broker than I am. Too much temptation!

  3. I want to live next to you and play!

  4. I remember those locker baskets from middle school! Love the spoons – so you have a craft planned for them? Visiting you from Homebody’s blog – come visit me, too!

  5. Lucky girl…you found some great stuff! I might be a little bit jealous!

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