Mr & Mrs {Picking Sides}

When the hubs and I got married we had a little trouble picking sides of the bed. We both coveted the left side of the bed. For awhile it was mine and it was glorious. Then I got pregnant and needed to use the bathroom about a million times a night. The right side of the bed was a direct shot to the bathroom! Ever since then hubby has resided on the left side and I’m on the right.
I wanted to add a little something to an empty space in my bedroom above our bed. When my mom and I were blazing through Arizona I made a mandatory stop at Hobby Lobby. I picked up some of these gold letters…but they couldn’t stay gold! Oh no!
I decided to paint the ampersand a pretty light blue and the “MR” and “MRS” black.
I distressed all of the letters, hitting all of the high points with sandpaper.
I love how the colors look with our bed and bedding!
So now the sides of the bed are set in stone….well nails! Not only do I love the decor but it kinda makes me think back to our wedding. It’s been 7 years and this makes me feel like it’s our honeymoon!
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  1. love it!!

  2. That is so cute!

  3. That is so cute!

  4. Love the blue color. Great idea!

  5. I love this! What a great idea!

  6. Call me clueless – I Had no idea you had an etsy shop! What great news! Added you to my favs on etsy!

  7. This is so adorable!!

  8. I really like your Mr. and Mrs. plaques. The blue really pops. (I would have liked them in gold, too.) I recently bought an ampersand from Etsy, since I couldn’t find one where I live.

  9. I love that…especially how the bed kind of frames it. I am happy to be your newest follower. Please stop by for book club if you’re interested–connie,

  10. Love them. They look amazing.


  11. So stinkin cute! I love what a little coat of paint can do to prettify things 🙂

    Haute To Sew

  12. Just darling! And what a transformation for those letters!

  13. super cute! I love those gold letters at HL. I have several around my house! I like how you painted the middle one blue.

  14. Wow you are always amazing me. I LOVE this idea. thank you so much for sharing. I wanted to let you know that I featured your Sunny Days wreath on my “This week’s pinterest loves #4” post today on my blog. Go and check it out, see all the lovely things I said about it, visit and stay awhile and don’t forget to grab my button saying you were featured. thanks

    A mommy’s life…with a touch of YELLOW

  15. I love this!

  16. What a great idea! Love that the & is much bigger! Hubby and I have the same fight over which side of the bed and I too lost out when I was pregnant… I am glad that I followed your link from the Sundae Scoop Link Party, I too am linking up if you’d like to visit.
    Hugs, antonella
    My post:

  17. Wow, really love it!

  18. I love this! I want to incorporate a Mr & Mrs somewhere in my home now!

  19. Cute idea! I love those colors combinations too! 🙂

  20. Oh my word this is BRILLIANT!!! I absolutely LOVE IT! Found you on Tip Junkie…and am now your newest follower!

  21. Love!
    Would love it if you’d link it up to my 20 minute tuesday party going on now 😉 Details here:

  22. Oh what a fabulous idea! Love it!

  23. I LOVE this! So simple yet so fabulous! The best kind of projects. I have a bit of addiction to ampersand’s-so I am thinking that I really, really need to do this. Thanks so much for the inspiration! have a happy day

  24. This is so clever and so simple!

  25. I *love* this!!! And idea to steal. . .although we don’t argue about sides of the bed, I just like being part of a Mr. & Mrs 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  26. What a lovely idea. What paint did you use?

  27. How beautiful!!

  28. I am so in love with this idea! It looks great!

  29. we used to have our initials over our bed, a J on his side & P on mine w/ an L in the middle. I’ve since stolen the letters to use for the alphabet in my craft room, but I still think it’s a fun look- I like how you did Mr & Mrs!

  30. I love this and want to make it as a wedding present for my brother and sis in law! I looked on Hobby Lobbys website and saw the sizes they have are 4″ and 12″….did you use 4″ letters and a 12″ ampersand? Thanks!

  31. @ Krista Miller, yes I did!

  32. Can you order this set? Mr & Mrs?

  33. Courtney, what kind of paint did you use and how did you hang them up? So excited for this for my new home :$

  34. Courtney, what kind of paint did you use and how did you hang them up? Thanks a million! So excited for this idea for my new home.

  35. Regi Gilchrist says:

    Hi! I’m not sure if you know this already or not, but an Etsy shop called Totally High Maintenance is using your EXACT picture above to sell their product to customers. I realize the idea itself can be made by anyone, but actually take the picture from your blog and use it as their selling point seems unethical. Unless they asked (and received) your permission first, and are maybe sharing in the $55.99 they make off each item sold. Just wanted to bring it to your attention.

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