Chicken Wire Screen Door

One of the perks to living on a military base is there are always families coming and going. Well that’s not the perk, it’s actually one of the hardest things about military life. The PERK is that when these families are moving in and moving out they usually want to get rid of “stuff”. Stuff they don’t want to take with them from their old place or stuff that doesn’t fit into the new place. A couple Mondays a month everyone throws their unwanted items on the curb for bulk trash pickup. I call it awesome free stuff day! 
Several months ago on one of these awesome free stuff days, I picked up this screen door. I first showed it to you guys in a Thrifty Thursday post back in July. I had plans for it and over time my plans changed. Sometimes I think my procrastination is one of my many creative tools. At least that’s the story I’m going with!
First, I removed the screen from the door and all of the old hinges. Then it was time to get paintin. I wanted to do multiple paint layers, so I started with black spray paint.
Before I painted the next color I applied some Vaseline to certain spots on the door. Did you have to read that twice? Do I sound officially nuts? I learned about this technique here. I wanted the door to look chippy and have an aged look so I decided to give this a try. You can kinda see some globs in the picture. After I applied the Vaseline, I spray painted over it with Heirloom White.
Once the paint was dry I used a paper towel to wipe off the Vaseline. It easily wiped right off, exposing the black paint underneath. 
The Vaseline technique turned out just the way I was hoping. It was super simple and gave the door just the look I was going for. I attached chicken wire to the back of the door with a staple gun. I’m a big fan of chicken wire, something about it’s fun geometric pattern embedded in this industrial material.  
From screen door to mega sized memo board! Just think about all the awesome things that could be clipped to this chicken wire door; children’s artwork, family pictures, heck even jewelry or hair accessories. I also think it would be kinda fabulous at a wedding, to hold seating assignment cards and such.
Love all the chippy goodness!!!
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  1. This is soo cool. It’d be a great spot to put up things like Christmas cards over the holidays!

  2. It’s great!

  3. Hi Courtney: I just finished painting an old screen door and was debating whether or not to turn it into a chalk board or something like your idea. I love your’s and will consider doing that w/ my screen door. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Love the idea and the chipped look. Well done!

  5. amazing! love it.

  6. I seen this look before, but it’s absolutely awesome on this screen door! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. What an adorable idea! Nice to see you again. I am now following via Linky. I would love if you stopped by sometime, Lori

  8. Hi Courtney! I’ve awarded your blog the Sunshine Award! Check it out here:

  9. Love it!

  10. Your door is so adorable and I love the Vaseline technique!

  11. Looks absolutely fabulous Courtney! As always. 🙂 x Julie

  12. Too freaking cute.. I’m in LOVE LOVE LOVE with all your projects! I just did a few chicken wire memo boards.. Thanks for sharing-

  13. Fabulous…I’ve got a roll of chicken wire waiting to be made into something wonderful…great job…happy weekend, Mariaelena…ps: come on over and check out my “WHITE” post!!

  14. Wow it looks fantatic i would love it if you could link it up at

    i have to make this xxxx

  15. Oh my goodness, how darling! I can’t believe you got this free. Good luck in the DIY contest.

    Warmly, Michelle

  16. Oh’ My this is shabby cuteness. I have seen tons of chicken wire picture frames but not a screen. I want a screen one. Sharing this on my COM-FB page. winks, jen

  17. Wow! I love this SO much! I’m working with some chicken wire today too. Love the look with the screen door. So creative! xo

  18. This looks incredible! LOVE it!

  19. I love this door! I must find one to fix up for myself now…never used chicken wire before, but love the look!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  20. love it, love it, love it!!!!!

  21. I love this door! I went out and bought me a screen door (not as ornate as yours), but you definitely got my wheels turning on what to do with it!

  22. I love chicken wire and have even made myself a memo board, but I LOVE the screen door! What a great idea to use the door as a frame!!

  23. I want a door like that – love it so much!

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