Thrifty Thursday #34

Today I am off to Ventura Ca. for Craftcation. I am a bundle of nerves and excitement. I’m hoping for a fun few days meeting new people and learning tricks of the trade. Did I mention I’m nervous?
Anyways, I wanted to show off my thrifty finds for the week before I left! I was scanning the thrift store on base and saw this plastic bag filled with dark material. At first I was just going to pass it by but I gave it a second look. Then I realized that there were burlap sacks inside the plastic bag. Squee!
 I couldn’t really tell how big they were, what condition they were in, or what was written on them. However the bag was $8 so I decided to just take the risk for that price! So glad I did. Look how beautiful these bags are? 
I couldn’t resit myself when I came upon this old dresser. Honestly, I tell myself NO MORE FURNITURE, but when I see something I love at a good price I can’t help myself. What’s a thrifty furniture loving girl to do? 
I love furniture with nice legs! 
And for a “get real” moment…..I will show you why I keep telling myself “NO MORE FURNITURE!!!”. This is the inside of my garage…..well half of it. The other half is filled with my hubbies tools and a treadmill. So as you can see I am pretty much full up. When I get back from my conference I think you will probably be seeing a lot of furniture re-do making their appearance on the blog!!!
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  1. How wonderful! I only have a few small square feet “allowed” for my thrifting storage. It’s pitiful compared to yours!!

  2. I love that piece! Hey I recognize that garage it looks like mine. Megan

  3. Oh girl! you’ve got your work cut out for you with that much stuff in your garage! Better get going!

  4. I love those burlap sacks you scored big on that purchase. What are you going to do with them. I cant wait to see!

  5. Those burlap bags are awesome!! What a find!

  6. I found you at Show and Tell Saturday. I just love you cure blog! I’m your new follower and I would Like to invite you to come link up at my Sunday party it opens tonight and is open till next Saturday. @

  7. The sacks were a beautiful find. Can’t wait to see what you do with them. I might make copies of them before I do anything. You can use those for some other project.

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