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Hello sweet readers! I’m not a stranger to A Diamond in the Stuff, as I’ve guest blogged here before; however, for those who may not know me — I’m Kelly! I blog over at Live Laugh Rowe, where I share DIY projects, recipes, life’s moments…. and I throw a fabulous par-tay every Thursday! I do hope you’ll swing by sometime. If not, that’s okay too. But, today, we’re sooooo crafting together!
I’m super excited to be here and share a patriotic themed craft project with all of you! I {love} paper craft projects. There are sooooo many possibilities! For example, check out these flower candy cups that make great favors! Seeeee! Alrighty, without further ado, let’s make ourselves some:

Supplies: Scissors Small Hole Punch Scrapbook Paper Small Paper Brads Floral Stem Wire Red/Blue Washi Tape Circle Stencils or different sized bowls
We’re ready to roll! You’ll want to start by tracing out three different size circles on your sheets of paper. For all of my flowers pictured, I used these four sizes: 1-1/8″, 1-3/4″, 2-1/4″ and 3-1/2″. After tracing you’ll cut them out. Tip: Double up your paper to save time {wink}.
You’ll then want to pair up your sizes/designs/patterns/etc into what you’d like your flowers to look like. On each circle, make 5 or 6 different cuts, stopping approximately 1/2″ from the center of your circle (see above, bottom right).
Once all of your circles are cut — punch a hole into the center of each circle. You’re then going to fold each triangle (petal) in half lengthwise. (see below, #1)
After you’ve folded each of the triangles (petals) all three circles for your flower, you’re going to stack them from largest at the bottom to smallest at the top (see above, #3). Then insert your paper brad to keep all of your pieces held together. Your flower is completed! Let’s now attach a stem.
You can use pencils, skewers, thin wooden dowels or whatever else you might have on hand for the stems. I like the floral wire because I can then manipulate the arrangement.
So, using your floral stem wire, cut your stem length. Place against the back of your paper flower and apply a small piece of washi tape hold it in place. You can also glue your stem to the back if you want, I like the added flair of the washi tape!
You’ll do this for each of your flowers, some bigger, some smaller. Your stems will vary depending on how you choose to arrange them as well. Mission Accomplished! What do you think?
Swing by my little corner of bloggy world, we can catch up over a yummy dessert, like these Banana Pudding Shots. YUM! Hope to see you again, soon.
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Kelly, as always you rocked it! I absolutely LOVE those paper flowers!!! What a fabulous tutorial! OH and those banana pudding shots look SCRUMPTIOUS!!!! Thank you so much for posting here today, you always come up with amazing projects!!! 


  1. Kelly those are awesome! You know I love patriotic stuff and those sure fit the bill! How simple and cute!

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