Patriotic Paper Pinwheels

Last month I posted my tutorial for my Patriotic Pinwheels over at Crafts Unleashed. In case you missed them and your thinking to yourself “Gee I would really love a super photo heavy tutorial”…..well I am here to please you!

I went through my pack of scrapbook paper and picked out the sheets I wanted to use. Make sure your paper is double sided and that you like the print on both sides, as they will both show. If you are using 12×12 inch paper, then you will cut it into 4 equal quarters. I used a paper trimmer to cut my papers.
 Once you have your squares cut, grab your scissors. At each corner of the square, cut into it a couple inches diagonally.
Use a small paint brush or foam brush to apply Mod Podge to all 4 edges of the square. Then sprinkle glitter over the Mod Podge covered edges. I choose to use red, white, and blue glitter to compliment the papers.
Once the Mod Podge and glitter is dry, place a small dollop of hot glue directly in the middle of the square. Make sure you have  chosen which side of the paper you want to be the front and the back.
After adding the dollop of hot glue to the middle of the square, grab one of the cut corners and pull it over and place it in the glue.
Once you have glued the first corner down, continue glue 4 of the corners down. You will be alternating which corners to glue, gluing every other one down to the center of the square. I used a finger protector from my Glue Gun Helpers set.
When I had all of the pieces glued down, I applied another round of Mod Podge and glitter to the now exposed edges.
Next, you will grab one of the dowel rods and an upholstery tack. Use a hammer to carefully tap the tack into the dowel slightly. You will want it in about half way so you don’t crack the dowel. Once you’ve started the hole, you can remove the tack.
Take your upholstery tack and push it through the middle of your pinwheel.
Once the tack is sticking through the back of the pinwheel, you will poke it back into the hole that you started in your dowel. Make sure not to push the tack in so far that the pinwheel won’t spin. After all, what is a pinwheel if it won’t spin?
They turned out so fun and festive!
They’d make great centerpieces for your 4th of July BBQ. Alright, is that enough pictures for now???
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  1. Love this project Courtney — I must see what kind of K & Company paper I have. I love that it’s double sided and we can created fabulous projects like this. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. How fun! They turned out great and look super easy!

  3. These are so cute! Perfect for the upcoming holiday. Thanks for the detailed instructions on how to make and assemble them.

  4. What a fun project for the holiday

  5. These look great!! I love the idea of putting glitter on the edges for the extra little sparkle. If I don’t have double-sided papers that I wish to use, I use spray adhesive to make my own double-sided paper. They are thicker than one sheet, but will work the same.


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