Little Farm Table

Is anyone else glad it’s Friday? I know I sure am!
A couple months ago I found this little formica table at one of my favorite thrift stores. I loved the little table and it’s lovely legs. I didn’t however love the formica top, I kept debating what to do with it. Then I had an “ah ha” moment and decided to turn this outdated little table into a sweet Little Farm Table.
The first thing I did was remove the formica top. Ahhh much better! Maybe?!?!
I went shopping in the junk pile on the side of my house for some wood to use for the new table top. See this is why I keep piles of junk around…..I WILL find ways to use them. They may just sit there for a week or year. But who’s counting? This wood was once the old fencing up around the old houses here on base. They were torn down along with all the old homes.
The hubby pulled out the plainer and got rid of the first couple layers of the nasty wood. I still wanted them to look old but with less yucky stuff (technical term). I also had the hubby cut some of the wood into three pieces to fit on top of the table.
Of course I was very happy to have all the nastiness cut off of the wood but I wasn’t a big fan of the new exposed wood. It didn’t look aged and old like the rest of the wood. So I gave vinegar staining a try.
I put some steel wool into a bowl and covered it with some apple cider vinegar. I put some saran wrap over the bowl and stuck it away for about a week. I’m sure I didn’t need to let it sit that long but that’s what ended up happening. On the photo below you can see one plank of wood has some of the vinegar stain on the newly cut wood and the other two do not.
Since I’m crushing pretty hard on my DIY Chalk Paint I decided to use it on this table. I choose an off white, antique white color. I love how easy it is to distress the chalk paint, especially because I wanted this table to have a fair amount of distressing.
I ended up putting the vinegar stain all over the planks of wood to darken the wood up. The look I achieved was exactly what I was going for. I attached the wood boards with just some good ole fashioned hammer and nails.
Since the table was so….rustic, I decided that a little bling wouldn’t hurt. I used some clear crystal knobs to help keep things balanced.
Didn’t the wood turn out fabulously???
What a transformation this little table has gone through. From outdated formica to country chic!
Is it wrong how much I love this Little Farm Table??? Because I do!!!
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  1. Oh my word, what a fantabulous transformation! That formica top looked so out of place! I would be happy to have the new table in my kitchen!! You did an amazing job with that wood. It’s completely perfect!

  2. WOW!!! You did such a great job. I love it.

  3. definitely better…much better. Someday I will give the vinegar stain a try…

  4. I love it too!

  5. This table is so darling. You know, I don’t think I’d thought of removing a table top. I think I saw a table just like this at the thrift store. I’ll be waiting outside for them to open again on Tuesday! Ha ha. New follower here!

  6. What a gorgeous transformation – I did my island with the vinegar stain – but didn’t protect it and now have to redo it 🙁
    Love your table

  7. Couldn’t be much cuter! Love it!

  8. Very cute! Love it!

  9. LOVE this! 🙂

  10. Your table looks great! I’d definitely have it in my house!

  11. That is fantastic! Love the rustic mixed with a little bling. I am so going to find me a table to retop! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  12. What a great transformation; I love the rustic with the touch of bling! I’m so going to look for a table for me to redo.

  13. This is fabulous makeover. I love the wood top.

    If you get a chance come link up at my Pin Party.

  14. I just found you thru Twigg Studios and am your newest follower! I’m having a love affair with that table, too-so cute!! I’d love you to visit and say hello 🙂

  15. Ohmygoodness! This little table is so sweet! I love the top (you did the right thing ripping that old one off)! Would love it if you shared this & any other projects at Gettin’ Krafty With It!

  16. Oh so charming! You did an amazing job. I’ve never heard of vinegar staining, but it sounds much more friendly than commercial stains. I’m off to do some research on it and some other homemade staining ideas. Great job on the table and thank you for sharing it.

  17. oh my….I love this! Love the wood. Stunning piece!

  18. So unbelievably gorgeous!!! Love it. Megan

  19. Love it! I’ve had so many of these tables over the years, and I always replace the top. Your choices are just stunning. Love the planks.

  20. Wow! I LOVE how your little table turned out. I can’t believe it was such an ugly little thing that turned into such a beauty. You did a great job!

  21. Simply beautiful!


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  22. What a cute little table! You did an awesome job! Hopped over from MMS and I’m happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit. Blessings ~ Judy @

  23. I am so glad you picked it up… most being would have been turned off by the top and kept on going. This was literally a diamond in the rough/ tough- hahaha. Sorry, bad joke. Its a beautiful piece thought and I love the new top.

  24. what….this is a crazy great tutorial! I cant believe its the same table! Great job. I hope you will link up with me here:

  25. Great transformation! The table looks great love the knobs also. Your subway art looks great too!

  26. I LOVE this table!! I have the perfect table in my house to give this a try on!

  27. This is beautiful! I love the combination of rustic wood and white. A rustic wood top like this would look gorgeous on nightstands or end tables too. I’ll have to try it! Thanks for sharing!
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