Stained Inlayed Wood Table

Do you ever have a piece of furniture that poses a problem that you just don’t know how to solve? Do you pass up these kinds of items or throw them out? Or do you let them sit in your garage for months and months while you try to figure out a solution to the problem? I would fall into the latter category.
I bought this little table at an estate sale awhile back. The top of the table had lots of water damage. I’m guessing a plant once lived atop of this table. There were a couple layers of veneer that had bubble and cracked terribly. So the only thing to do was to rip off all the ick and get down to the bare bones.
Then I was left with trying to decide what to do with this freshly exposed top. I finally decided that I wanted to add some wood planks inside of the open space on the top of the table.
The first step was to give the table a good coat of paint. I decided to use my chalk paint recipe to make a creamy white paint. Like my bed riser paint helpers???
The wood pieces that I put in the top of the table are 1×4 and cut to fit precisely into the opening. I stained the wood piece with some Minwax in dark walnut. I glued down the wood planks to the table with some Gorilla Wood Glue and some clamps. I used a couple coats of polyurethane on the table top to protect it.
This table went from damaged junk to a sweet little farm table!
I gave the painted part of the table a little bit of distressing. One of the best features of the chalk paint is how easily it sands off to reveal the wood beneath.
I love how this little table turned out! I think the Stained Inlayed Wood really transformed and saved this little table!
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  1. What a beautiful job you’ve done with this cute table. Megan

  2. I fall into the “store it in the garage for months and months” category, as well. Except I don’t have a garage, I just stash things in various barns on our farm. I love how your table turned out! I have a very similar table, needing attention. I thought of putting tile on the top, or a mosaic – but I like the way yours turned out, with the stained planks, too!

  3. Your site is beautiful! I’m so glad I stopped by. You have so many great ideas and I love how this table turned out. I’m a new follower, I would love if you stopped by and followed back!

  4. What a beautiful job, just love it!

  5. What a great idea – I love this table!

  6. RandomHousewife says:

    So sweet! Love the contrast.

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