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I don’t know about you, but back to school time makes me feel a bit like “new years”. There is a sense of a new beginning which brings on the need to get things organized. Whenever I feel like I’m moving into a new chapter of life I like to do so as organized as possible. I thought that maybe there were others like me that were looking for some organizational ideas. So I’m compiling some of my ideas on how I am Keeping it all Organized.
Towards the end of 2010 we moved into the house we currently live in. We are a military family and we move and move often. So every time I move into a new home I am faced with a whole new set of decor and organizational issues. One of the first projects I did in this home was my Burlap Bins Kitchen Storage. I didn’t like that awkward space above the kitchen cabinets and decided to make them more functional!
The kitchen can become a cluttered overwhelming mess in our house! Papers seem to land there and never want to leave. Since I not only like to be organized, but I like things to look orderly, I decided to tackle the mess that is usually my fridge. I hated falling calendars and pictures propped up by random magnets. I ended up creating my Fridge Picture Gallery, complete with dry erase magnetic calender. 
One thing I love for storage is bins and baskets. I use them to store smaller items that seem to spill all over the place! I used a little chalkboard paint to create these Chalkboard Canvas Bins. There is not a lot that chalkboard paint can’t make better! With all the changing needs we have, I love adding a chalkboard label to something so that down the road the contents of the bins can be changed.
Those of you with kids probably feel my pain when it comes to back packs, jackets, and shoes. They always seemed to end up when they dropped, which of course drove me crazy! I decided that I needed a command center for all our our daily “stuff”. So the DIY Mud Porch was born. I think that my favorite part is that the kids have hooks that they can reach on their own. It houses our jackets, backpacks and purses, and shoes.
Something that I haven’t shared on my blog is my use of shoe organizers in my home. I have a total of 4 on the backs of doors and I used them for everything from craft supplies to batteries. I have one to organize the kid craft items and dress up stuff, one for house hold items like batteries and safety pins, one in my craft room to hold a variety of crafting goodies, and one that holds things like flip flops, sunscreen, and umbrellas.
You may remember this little beauty from a Thrifty Thursday a couple weeks ago. I gave it a coat of paint and it instantly became some craft paint and ribbon storage. Looking for potential storage items at thrift stores and garage sales is a great way to stretch your organizing dollar. It’s amazing what a can of paint and a little elbow grease can do to thrifty finds to keep your space looking pulled together and ORGANIZED!!!!
What tactics have your implemented to keep your home pulled together and organized???
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  1. Some great ideas here!

  2. Okay, can i come live at your house??!! I am a ‘master organizer’ as i have nine children and have no choice. LOL But, you my dear, have made it look beautiful in so many ways! I decorate minimumly because of the ‘clutter’, but yours looks beautiful AND organized. Going to be pinning many ideas. Thanks for sharing and teaching an old dog new tricks 😉

  3. I’m so glad that I’m following you! I’ve never seen organization look so pretty:) Beautiful job and thanks for posting on Show and Tell Saturday!


  4. Very clever ideas !!!

  5. Genius – the shoe organizers blow me away.

  6. Fun and inspirational to see your organizing! Thank you so much!! 😀

  7. Elizabeth G. says:

    Love the mud room!!! Where can I buy those hooks? Love them!

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