DIY Crayon Heart Valentines

Most parents know that Valentine’s Day can result is massive sugar highs. Massive. In my efforts to not contribute to the sugar overload I decided to go with a non-candy Valentine option. So the kiddos and I made some DIY Crayon Heart Valentines.
We started with the most time consuming part of the project: getting the crayons ready. I plucked out all of the broken crayons and pulled off all of their paper wrappers. Then we sorted them into color groups….don’t they look so pretty all lined up like that!
I used a heart shaped silicon mold to “bake” the crayons. I filled each heart shaped cup about 1/3 full of  broken crayons. Any of the larger crayon pieces got broken down to fit into the cups.
I baked the crayons at 300 degrees for about 15 minutes, you may need to bake it it little bit longer if you have some of those fat crayons. When you take the molds out of the oven the crayons will be all liquid, try not to move it around too much when placing them on the counter to cool. Let them cool until completely solid and hard.
Once the hearts are completely cool, pop them out of the silicon mold. You should have beautiful, colorful, crayon hearts!!!
We popped one crayon heart into a clear treat bag tied off with a gift tag. I got the free printable tags HERE. From what I’ve heard these DIY Crayon Heart Valentines were a raving success!!!
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  1. So fun and so creative and smart! I am going to pin this one!

  2. This was such a cute idea, who wouldn’t want to get a crayon heart.

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