Framed 4th of July Subway Art

Last year I created my Framed 4th of July Subway Art and posted it over at Crafts Unleashed. I love to decorate for Independence Day with every bit of stars and stripes as I can manage! I wanted to create a 4th of July decoration that would look great in any home, office, or would make a great gift. Once I spied the Word Collage Cricut Cartridge, I knew exactly what I wanted to create.



Cricut Die Cutting Machine
Word Collage Cricut Cartridge
Darice® Premium Canvas Texture Cardstock
Cricut® Cuttables Craft Vinyl – Raven Black
Cricut® Cuttables Craft Vinyl- Transfer Tape
Picture Frame (I used an 8×10)
Glue Stick
Paper Cutter or Scissors


To start, I grabbed 3 pieces of cardstock in red, white, and blue. I cut them down into three strips that fit onto the back of the picture frame. It took a little bit of measuring and math to get each color to be proportional and even. But I’m just a perfectionist like that!

I used the glue stick to attach the three cardstock pieces to the back of the picture frame. I went in the traditional order of red, white, and blue. Once they were glued down I set that aside. It was time to cut some vinyl.

Here is my black vinyl all cut out. For those of you that are going to give this a try, here are all the numbers and details. I cut out the subway art at 9 1/2in. It fit perfectly inside my picture frame. Obviously this number would need to be adjusted for different sizes of picture frames. Before cutting out the vinyl, I set my machine to low speed, mid/high pressure, and I used a #4 setting on my deep cut blade.

Once I had the vinyl cut out, I “weeded” out all the unusable vinyl. Meaning I basically just pulled off all out the surrounding vinyl that I was not going to be using. Including the centers of letters like “o’s”, “a’s”, etc. Then I applied my transfer tape on top of the vinyl. You will need to use something to rub over the transfer tape to adhere it to the vinyl. This can be a credit card, large popsicle stick, or my favorite a Pampered Chef stone scraper! Once all the vinyl is attached to the transfer tape, it is time to pull the transfer tape off of the vinyl backing. Once this is done you should be looking at the reverse of your image.

Before applying your vinyl to your surface make sure it’s clean and dry. Also, I recommend taking your time applying the vinyl to the glass. Once you begin to lay it down it will start to adhere and it’s hard to get it pulled back up and adjusted. So take lots of time to make sure it’s as straight and it’s going to get before applying the vinyl. Once you do lay the transfer tape down on the glass, you will rub it again with your tool of choice. Begin to pull off the transfer tape nice and slow, watching for any stubborn pieces of vinyl that are not adhering. If that is happening, just lay the transfer tape down again in that area and rub it down a little more.

Once you have completely pulled off the transfer tape, you should have beautifully applied vinyl. Pop the vinyl covered glass back into the picture frame and add the cardstock covered frame backing. Proudly display your new patriotic project and sit back and relax!

Or in my case take a ton of pictures like it’s a modeling shoot! I absolutely love how it turned out and it goes great with my Patriotic Ribbon Topiary!

I think I’m just about all set for the 4th of July!!! I hope you give this project a try and maybe even put your own spin on it!!!



Hope you liked my Framed 4th of July Subway Art!!!

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  1. That is really neat! I love 4th of July decor and I need to get my decorations up asap before the holiday is over. I also have a cricut machine but have not dug into all the neat stuff it can do yet.

  2. Sarah Chapman says:

    Hey Courtney,
    I hope to someday fill my house with so many ideas that have spurred from your blog. About this one, I was looking at the word collage cartridge and are all of them preset? Or can you make your own collage with it?
    Thanks Sarah


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