Succulents & Thrifty Finds

succulents & thrifty finds

As we prepare for our move I am trying to do some major stash busting. I have a huge open house coming up on Saturday to sell what inventory I have left, so I am crafting as much as I can before then so I can possibly sell a completed item instead of moving a bunch of supplies. I am also going through some of my Thrifty Finds and doing some projects with those.

I have a ton of random cooking and baking pans of different shapes and sizes. Obviously I am attracted to this sort of thing when I’m thrift shopping. I rounded a bunch of them up and decided that I needed to find a purpose for them….so I created my Succulents & Thrifty Finds.

succulents and thrifty finds

I went through my stash of different pans, pots, and trays and pulled out the things I thought would make great succulent gardens. Obviously I was thinking outside the norm here and flowers pots were not going to cut it for this project.

succulents and thrifty finds

When it came time to buy the succulents I went with the mini potted succulents. They are just so darn cute….even the lady at the register commented on how cute they are.

succulents and thrifty finds

Once I had all the thrifty finds rounded up I stared preparing them for the succulents.

I put some rocks in the bottom of each pan so that there would be sufficient drainage, especially because I didn’t add drainage holes in them. I then added some potting soil, I actually used a specific moisture balance variety. Then I mapped out where I wanted each plant to go and placed them in their spots and filled in more soil.

succulents and thrifty finds

In some of them I decided to sprinkle these little pebbles on top of the soil, mostly because I just liked the way it looked.

succulents and thrifty finds

The concept is the same for each one, but they each have their own distinctive looks and personalities.

succulents and thrifty finds

This bundt pan had a larger hole in the middle and it was just begging to become a beautiful centerpiece. I added three thin white  pillar candles to the middle and fell slightly in love. Wouldn’t this make the best centerpiece to your summer table? Or imagine a bunch of these at a wedding. Sigh.

succulents and thrifty finds

I picked up this bread pan awhile ago and shared it in a Thrifty Thursday post. I knew immediately that it needed to be a succulent garden and I was totally right.

succulents and thrifty finds

The teapots are definitely out of the box when it comes to being a planter….but aren’t they too cute?

succulents and thrifty finds

I can’t decide which one I like the best? Do you have a favorite? I love them all!!!

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  1. Great idea! Look wonderful!

  2. I love the one with the candles! These are soo fab!

  3. Oh so cute!! I did some for outdoors in an old colander that I painted bright yellow… but I love the way the old metal colour looks with these. So fab!! Thanks for sharing:)

  4. I love this! They turned out great! I’ve been wanting to create some sort of succulent garden lately and this has given me lots of inspiration! 🙂

  5. Kathleen says:

    You have such great ideas!! Love it. Thanks for sharing, Kathleen

  6. What a beautiful collection of succulents! So charming.

  7. Super cute – I love succulents they are so easy to care for and don’t require a lot of sunlight either. Fun ideas. Good luck selling off your stash!

  8. These turned out so well and I love the green against the metal.

  9. Stephanie T. says:

    Love the Bundt pan centerpiece, and the teapot! It may sound weird, but I have an “antique” meat grinder that was my grandmother’s from the 1920s — I may try this, and could even attach it to my deck railing with the clamp! Well, I can try, anyway, right? Thx for the great ideas!

  10. I love your ideas…. I love planting in odd pans or pots… especially the old ones…. Spring is just around the corner, we’ve moved into new house …… I CANT WAIT TO BUY SOME NEW PLANTS AND GO TO PLANTING!!!! I’LL BE WATCHING!!!!!


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