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Hi!  I’m Bonnie a.k.a. The Pin Junkie.  I blog about the crafts, recipes
and home improvement projects I do that are inspired by Pinterest.  I’m
so happy to be guest posting for Courtney today!

I’d like to show you how to make beautiful origami flowers.  These flowers look like they’re difficult to make but they’re really not complicated at all!  This would even be a great project for
kids to do.  Once you know how to make the basic fold, you just repeat
it five times to make a whole flower. I used plain printer paper and cut it to make a square, but you can use scrapbook paper.  Just make sure the paper you choose isn’t too thick or it will be difficult to fold.

Materials you will need:

paper, cut to make a square

invisible or matte tape (not glossy)

wood skewers.

1.  Start with a square piece of paper and fold it in half diagonally.

2.  Fold each corner up.

3.  Fold each triangle in half so the tip points out.

4.  Fold the tips of the triangles down.

5.  Unfold.  With one hand, hold the triangle closed.  With the other hand refold on the existing fold lines.  Repeat for the opposite side.

6.  It should look like this.

7.  Fold the tips down again.

8. Fold the corners in.

9.  Roll and tape closed.  This is the first petal for your flower.  You will need to do this four more times to make a total of five petals.

10. Now tape each petal together.  Keep taping each petal together until you have a five petal flower.  It’s best to use invisible or matte tape so you won’t be able to see it.  Glossy tape will show and won’t look as nice.

11. Tape the petals together on the back.

(I used a blue flower so you can see the tape.)

12.  Poke a wooden skewer into the flower for the stem.

It should look like this when you’re all finished.

You can stop at one flower or make a whole bouquet.  You can also change the size of the flower by using different sizes of paper.  Small squares of paper will make small flowers and large squares of paper will make large flowers.  You can also tape several flowers together to make a cluster or ball that you can hang.  I made several flowers to make a bouquet.  It’s not difficult, but it does take awhile!


Thank you so much Bonnie for guest posting at ADitS today!!! It was a pleasure having you visit!!!

Head over to The Pin Junkie for tons of great projects and recipes!!!


  1. These are so pretty and easy to do. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What pretty flowers! I’m wondering if they can be hot glued together so that they can be displayed in the middle of a table?

  3. Wow, these flowers are great!! I’m definitely going to make them, too! Thanks for sharing your tutorial!!

  4. Im so curious to see if this would work with fabric, hmmm.

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