Cupcake Hotpad Tutorial {The Princess & Her Cowboys}

Hi all!, I’m Britney from The Princess & Her Cowboys where I blog about crafts, recipes and everyday living. I’m excited to share with you this fun hot pad tutorial!


What you’ll need:
2 different kinds of fabrics (this uses very little so if you have scraps or just want to get 1/4 yard, that should work)
I made my own pattern out of a thicker cardstock and then just traced around it. I made the back look like the silhouette of a cupcake and then made the “frosting” with scallops.
 Next is pinning the fabric to the batting. I turned the fabric right sides together and then pinned the batting on back. I used a minimal amount of batting on the frosting but put a thicker amount for the cupcake body. It’s better to have the batting out a little bit from the edge to make sure that all parts have it, like this:
 Next I just used a straight stitch and sewed 1/4″ all the way around, leaving a hole at the top of the rounded edge to turn right-side out.
 Trim off excess batting.
 I didn’t take pictures of the next two steps but they are relatively easy. Top stitch the square section of the cupcake going around the curve about an inch or so. Then turn your stitch to zig zag and make as many lines as you want to give it the characteristic of a muffin paper. I liked doing three.


 Next, I switched to red thread (I have a ton of white thread and so I used that on the insides). Top stitch the scallops of the frosting. You do not need to go all the way to the edge-this part will be sewn in the next step.
 Next pin the body and frosting together, making sure to pin well around the two openings at the top. Also add a piece of ribbon the size you want and pin it securely to the middle. Begin stitching at the height of the first scallop like this:
 By starting in a little bit, this gives a more secure hold on the hand and won’t slip off as easily.

And, here is the finished product!

Good luck and stop on by to show me how you made them!
Thank you so much Britney!!!

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Have a great weekend y’all!!!

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