Laundry Room Organizing Ideas

Laundry Room Organizing Ideas | A Diamond in the Stuff

When it comes to organizing I am a bit obsessive.

I like everything to be in it’s place, but first I have to create a place for everything. Every time we move I am presented with a new set of organizational challenges. Last week I shared my Crib Spring Drying Rack and I’ve been trying to get the rest of the laundry room wrapped up.

Laundry Room Organizing Ideas | A Diamond in the Stuff

I was looking for a place to store our ironing board when I passed by some wall hooks without a home. So I had the hubby hang two hooks on the wall and they became my new ironing board holder. Now the ironing board sits nicely against the wall behind the laundry room door.

Laundry Room Organizing Ideas | A Diamond in the Stuff

Next to my washer and dryer I wanted to create a little area for all my laundry needs. I’ve got my DIY Laundry Detergent and a mason jar full of wooden clothes pins at arms reach. As we discovered in the Crib Spring  post, I love to hang my clothes to dry. The problem was I needed a place to store all of the hangers while they were waiting to be used.

Laundry Room Organizing Ideas | A Diamond in the Stuff

So I had my hubby again, hang a towel rack upside down to the cabinets. Now I have a perfect spot to collect all the hangers in between loads.

Laundry Room Organizing Ideas | A Diamond in the Stuff

It’s amazing how a couple little hooks and a towel rack can make a girl so happy. But now when I walk into my laundry room it puts a smile on my face. Call me silly….but it’s the truth!

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  1. What a great idea to have a hanger holder at hand Courtney. 🙂 Pinning!!!!

  2. Such great touches! That giant jar of powdered soap is so fun! Elegant soap. Who would’ve thought?

  3. Courtney! I love what you did with your laundry room. Especially the idea of the towel holder for hangers. Love!!!

  4. Amanda H. Ager says:

    I really need to get organized with our laundry!! We are 5 in our family and our problem are the towels!! My teenage boy uses one clean towel for his daily shower and although he does his own laundry he has a mountain of them in his room!! What I did was to take out all the old towels and just leave 2 towels for him, 1 towel for my daughter, 1 for the baby and 3 towels for mom and dad. The socks is not and issue for us, everyone takes care of their own socks. I use a mesh bag for the baby’s socks and I take care of my husbands socks. Thanks for the ideas of organizing laundry day I will put them to the test.

  5. Dana Parker says:


  6. where did you get your decal on your powder jar?!

  7. So, we are keeping the unwashed laundry on hangers as well or is that after washing. Anyway, the room looks really good 🙂


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