Spooky Bat Chandelier

Spooky Bat Chandelier | A Diamond in the Stuff

When Jo-Ann’s contacted me to create something for their #spookyspaces event it left me a little stumped. Traditionally I do not LOVE the spooky side of Halloween. You won’t find any ghouls and goblins at my house, so to say that this theme was a challenge would be an understatement. All it took was one trip to Jo-Ann’s to spot some awesome black bats and I knew what I wanted to do….and it would even be a bit spooky too!

Spooky Bat Chandelier

My supplies (all found at Jo-Ann’s):

-3 different size quilting hoops

-Paper or foam bats

-Black craft paint

-Black string or twine

Also round up some scissors and hot glue.

Spooky Bat Chandelier

First I removed the inner circles of the quilt hoops (the ones with out the screws). I only used the inner circles for this project. I painted them with the black craft paint on all sides, inside and out.

Spooky Bat Chandelier

When the paint was dry I used some black twine to attach the three hoops to each other. I started with the largest hoop at the top and descended down to the smallest. This made the base for my chandelier.

Spooky Bat Chandelier

Then it was time for the tedious part, attaching all of the bats. I hot glued pieces of black string in between two foam bats and left a long piece coming out the “top”.

Spooky Bat Chandelier

Once the two bats were glued together and the string added, I decided to “fluff” up the wings a little bit. It just gave a little extra dimension to things.

I used hot glue to attach each of the bats. The ends of each string were glued to different spots on the inside of the different hoops.

Spooky Bat Chandelier

Once all the bats were attached it was time to hang it in my porch. Luckily now I have a huge covered porch with a beautiful large hanging light. I decided that this would be the best place for my Spooky Bat Chandelier.

Spooky Bat Chandelier

I climbed up our very tall ladder and hung up the chandelier with more of the black twine.

Spooky Bat Chandelier

I have to admit…..it’s pretty awesome!!!

Spooky Bat Chandelier

With the light shining, bat shadows are cast all over the walls of the porch. As the bats spin and twist in the breeze the shadows fly around the walls. The effect is pretty amazing.

Spooky Bat Chandelier

Spooky Bat Chandelier

I am super thrilled with the way that my Spooky Bat Chandelier came together!!! Just the perfect amount of spookiness!!!

If you want even more spooktacular inspiration visit Creative Made Simple by Jo-Ann’s.


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Disclosure: I was given a gift card for supplies for this post. All ideas and opinions are my own.


  1. I really love how this turned out. The White House did something similar on their front porch a couple of years ago…so you are in very good company! Wish I’d thought of that. I did some bats too but in a much different way. Just love this and am thinking I need to make for my front porch.

  2. This looks great! Not too scary, but just enough! My preschoolers make bats each year and we hang them from the ceiling. They love to watch them move and look like they are flying!
    Pamela Smith recently posted…Living Room and Dining Room Fall TourMy Profile

  3. Deanna Dunn says:

    How far apart did you tie the hoops from each other?

  4. This is amazing! wow! pinning thank you
    Kelli recently posted…Tic-Tac-Boo! Halloween GameMy Profile


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