Autumn Pallet Wood Sign

Autumn Pallet Wood Sign

It seems it’s getting harder and harder to really enjoy Autumn. After Halloween we seem to be fast forwarding to Christmas more and more each year. I like to try and take some time to really sit and enjoy Fall, Thanksgiving, and all that comes with it. I have loved the saying “Autumn, the years last loveliest smile” for a long time and I decided that maybe I should make a sign to remind us of the good this time of year.

So I made my Autumn Pallet Wood Sign.

Autumn Pallet Wood Sign

The sign started as this pile of pallet wood. I am kind of embarrassed to say that we actually included this in our move from California to Louisiana. I’m sure the movers thought I was certifiable. But I just couldn’t part with all this usable wood!

Autumn Pallet Wood Sign

My hubby cut 4 pieces of the wood for me, I decided to have him leave them rough and rustic.

Autumn Pallet Wood Sign

We just used some pieces of broken pallet boards on the back to connect the 4 pieces of wood. Not really pretty but it serves it’s purpose!

Autumn Pallet Wood Sign

I used my Silhouette to cut the saying out of vinyl. Then I applied to the vinyl to the wood sign. This was a bit of  a painful process because of the roughness of the wood. I just took it really slow and made sure to keep pushing everything back down repeatedly.

Once all the vinyl was down I used some Mod Podge on all the lettering. I did this to prevent as much paint bleeding as possible. Really you just need to use the Mod Podge on the edges where the vinyl meets the wood, but in this case the lettering is so thin that I just went through and used it to cover everything.

Autumn Pallet Wood Sign

Once the Mod Podge was dry it was time to paint. I went into my craft paint stash and grabbed an off white and gold. I used a foam brush to “dab” the paint on instead of  dragging it.

Autumn Pallet Wood Sign

When the paint was dry I removed all of the vinyl to reveal my lettering. There is a little bleeding here and there, but I think overall the Mod Podge did the trick. Especially on wood this rough.

Autumn Pallet Wood Sign

I think the rustic rough wood for this sign is perfect….it seems so appropriate for Autumn.

Autumn Pallet Wood Sign

I love the little gold leaf accent, it just adds a little extra something.

Autumn Pallet Wood Sign

I am so glad that I finally made a sign with this saying……and I absolutely love how the sign turned out!!! Now I have to find a great place for it to go!!!

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  1. I love this sign! The fonts and layout are beautiful!

  2. That turned out beautifully. Great job! I’d love if you’d link up to The DIY’ers.

  3. I’m getting here a little late, but I wanted to tell you that you can use contact paper from the dollar store rather than vinyl. It’s much cheaper. Thanks for the Mod Podge tip! Your sign turned out beautiful!

  4. Karen Duncan says:

    Do you recall what fonts was used on this pallet sign? I would love to use the fonts on a different saying.

  5. Mary molinac says:

    Can you use the mod podge on fabric to prevent bleeding?

  6. Quick question re: the Mod Podge. Did you cover everything, including what is going to be painted? I have had the bleeding problem before with these types of projects, and if you just solved it, you will be my hero!

    • I put the Mod Podge everywhere inside the stencil, just like it was paint. So anywhere that you will be painting in the stencil, that’s where the mod podge would go. It basically acts as the first layer of “paint” which would also be the layer to bleed through/under the stencil if there is going to be any bleeding. Mod Podge drys clear, so this way any bleeding will be clear and un-noticeable. This basically is the best way to go if you are doing letters on wood that you are leaving bare or stained. If you have a sign that is painted a background color then your first layer of paint in the stencil should be your first color. This way any bleeding is the same color and again un-noticeable. Does this make sense?

  7. I love this sign! I use a repositional spray adhesive on the back of my stencils and then go over it with a Brayer, this keeps the paint from bleeding as well. I have a silhouette also, I use contact brand heavy duty vinyl shelf liner (not regular contact paper but sold in the same bins) for my stencils, it’s a lot cheaper than the silhouette vinyl, although I have to use a double cut because it is a bit thick. The one that works is clear with a tiny diamond pattern in it, I use the flat side against the wood.

  8. I know you had said on your Autumn pallet design that you really didn’t want to sand it, but if you would have sanded it just a little bit (by hand) then your vinyl will stick better. ..I use vinyl ease vinyl I get off Amazon, it sticks the best. ..then if you slightly sand it again after you have painted it, it will remove all of your slight bleed overs. ….

  9. van I order that stencil from you? 🙂

  10. i like the christmas tree pallet We Wish You All A Merry Christmas each board has a word on it and nailed on the wood, now what is the dimension of each board. I couldn’t find it and my hubby is gonna cut the boards for me i would appreciate it. Thank You

  11. I have been having issues with my paint peeling when using mod podge. After I remove the vinyl.. Any one know a solution to this?

  12. I loved your post and it helped a ton when I used the Mod Podge! It has saved me a lot of frustration! Thank you! I put a link to your blog on my most recent post:

  13. How big of a stencil will a silhouette make?

  14. How large did you make the wood? Do you remember?


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