Hanging Fall Centerpiece

Hanging Fall Centerpiece

The holidays are upon us and it’s that time of year for everything festive. The theme for this months JoAnn Fabrics Celebrate the Season Campaign is #turkeytablescapes. Which was a great excuse to get our table Fall ready! I decided to create a beautiful Hanging Fall Centerpiece for my Thanksgiving table.

Hanging Fall Centerpiece

Hanging Fall Centerpiece:

-Grapevine wreath

-Fall leaves & berries

-Satin Ribbon

-Pumpkins, acorns, etc

-Battery operated candles

-Hot glue gun, glue sticks, and scissors

Hanging Fall Centerpiece

First I grabbed some Fall foliage and the glue gun. I started gluing down the strands of leaves and berries around the grapevine wreath. You can make the wreath as full as you want, I choose to only add or strand of leaves and one strand of berries.

Hanging Fall Centerpiece

I used some smaller strands of berries and wrapped them around into a “nest”. The nests were just big enough to hold one of the battery operated candles in it. I glued each next down onto the grapevine wreath evenly around. Then I glued down some pumpkins and acorns sporadically around the wreath.

Hanging Fall Centerpiece

The ribbon was used to attach the wreath to my chandelier. I glued the ends of the ribbon onto and through parts of the twigs on the under part of the grapevine wreath. I added some sweet little bows to the base of each strand of ribbon.

Hanging Fall Centerpiece

Once all ribbon, berries, and pumpkins were in place I strung the wreath up to my chandelier. By creating the little berry “nests” I was able to place the candles into them but still be able to pull them out to turn them on and off. This adds a little bit of candle flicker without the danger or sending the whole thing up in flames.

Hanging Fall Centerpiece

I absolutely love how it turned out. It looks so elegant hanging there above my table.

Hanging Fall Centerpiece

You can see my Give Thanks Mantel off in the background, my house is looking like Autumn has hit. I love all the earthy and muted colors this time of year. The colors go hand in hand with the feel of Fall, everything slows down a bit and everyone starts to nestle in for the long winter ahead.

Hanging Fall Centerpiece

If you want to make a Hanging Fall Centerpiece of your own, you can find all of these items at your local JoAnn Fabric Store. Or to find lots of other awesome holiday project ideas make sure you visit the JoAnn Craft Catalog.

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Disclosure: I was given a gift card toward supplies for this post. All ideas and opinions are my own.


  1. This is so unique and beautiful! LOVE it!

  2. This looks lovely but I can just see my 2 cats swinging on it!

  3. wonderful job!!!!! Love it!

  4. This turned out great! I especially love those little white berries. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mary Ellen Mandeville says:

    I most absolutely LOVE this hanging fall centerpiece, I am a craft enthusiast myself , I love creating things, that is
    something I have a passion for, it’s all in my blood and I love your blog , I am your newest follower and I also read
    other crafter’s blogs as well. You really inspire me !


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