Bookcase Makeover {Turning Cheap into Chic}


Bookcase Makeover

This past week I have been fighting what can only be described as the plague. Or the flu, bronchitis, an infection, and a thrown out back. Either way it was awful. AW FUL. After an urgent care visit, er visit, lots of prescription meds, and over a week of rest I am finally feeling human again. A sick human, but human non the less.

I’ve been wanting to share my new Bookcase Makeover for a week now!  So excited to finally show it off.

Bookcase Makeover

Quite a few months ago I picked up this nice little bookcase for $20. I shared it in a Thrifty Thursday post and wanted to tackle it immediately. However we were getting ready to move and I didn’t know if I would keep this for our home or give it a makeover to sell. So I decided to move it with us and I ended up finding the perfect place for it in our new house.

Bookcase Makeover

I decided to put the bookcase in our bedroom. Is that odd? It fit in there perfectly and honestly I kind of like the clutter and “mess” tucked back in our room. Since all of the furniture in our bedroom is black I decided to go light with this piece.

Bookcase Makeover

I used some Zinsser primer and brushed on some Glidden in a creamy white. It took several coats to cover up the dark wood but it was worth it. When I was done painting I hit all of the high points with some sand paper to bring the dark wood through for a little distressing.

Bookcase Makeover

There is a little handy drawer at the bottom of the bookcase for storage. I decided to keep the drawer pulls, so I cleaned them up and sprayed them with some ORB. I was super excited that the bookcase was real wood, it seems difficult to find good sturdy bookcases that aren’t an arm and a leg. So if you find a good solid bookcase that isn’t all that pretty…..don’t pass it up!!!

Bookcase Makeover

Once the bookcase was in place we unpacked our very last boxes from the move. Only took us 4 months, but honestly it could of been a lot worse! When all the books were unloaded into the bookcase I was actually pretty surprised at how many books we actually have. Until this point they had never been in the same spot.

I am so happy with my Bookcase Makeover!!! And I think I’m even happier that all boxes have been unpacked and all these books finally have a nice home!


  1. I actually love bookcases in the bedroom. I have my desk in our bedroom and underneath is a big basket of books. This bookcase turned out really cute!

  2. Bookcase is really nice but what caught my eye was the picture over the dresser….how I love that picture….what a tribute to have that hanging in your home…it is beautiful and so meaningful….makes me proud….

    • Thank you Rosemary. My husband is in the military and has a huge love of all things military/country. He picked out this framed photograph when were were first married and was amazed that I too liked it and agreed to have it in our home. 10 years later it still hangs in our home (all 6 of them) and it really is a beautiful reminder!

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