DIY Simple Window Coffee Table

DIY Simple Window Coffee Table

These days I am operating my project list based partly on what I happen to have lying around. Which is a lot. I mean, garage full a lot. I have actually been doing pretty well in pairing down the volume. At least I think so….the hubby who is determined to eventually be able to park at least one of the cars in the garage may not think so.

One of the piles of “stuff” I have in the garage is a pile of old windows. I actually LOVE my pile of old windows and get a little sad when one of them gets turned into a project and leaves. Weird I know. But I love my old windows! I’ve been turning them into memo boards, adding vinyl sayings to them, and now it was time to turn one into a piece of furniture. Enter my DIY Simple Window Coffee Table…..

DIY Simple Window Coffee Table

It all started with this chippy 6 pane window. It was a perfect window for this project because the wood was still in good sturdy condition and it had all pieces of glass intact.

DIY Simple Window Coffee Table

Have you ever purchased wood legs from the hardware store? They are expensive right? I mean, the legs I needed for this project would of been almost $10 each. So that’s $40 right there in table legs. So then I got to thinking, “Is there a cheaper alternative?”. I wandered over to the spindle aisle and found some for under $2 each. Much better. I needed to cut a little off the tops and bottoms, but for the price it was worth it! I stained the spindles with a dark wood stain and then painted them with some off white paint I had on hand.

DIY Simple Window Coffee Table

After the legs were stained and painted, I ruffed them up a bit with some sandpaper. Then they were attached using two L brackets on each leg. Pretty simple right?

DIY Simple Window Coffee Table

I pretty much left the window alone; let rough edges be rough and let chippy paint be chippy. Cuz that’s how I roll.

DIY Simple Window Coffee Table

Didn’t the spindles turn out awesome? Not bad for $2 huh? Totally the look I wanted too!

DIY Simple Window Coffee Table

Pretty simple right? But oh so cute! Sad part is it looks so super cute in my living room….but alas it must go to my booth and find a new home! Hopefully someone will love it as much as I do!

So what do you think of my of  DIY Simple Window Coffee Table???


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  1. jessica moss says:

    Love it! I have 2 large windows that I have been contemplating doing the same thing to! I was even thinking of getting a lightweight piece of glass overlay so I could put memory momentos in the panes-I.E. shells collected with my daughter etc. Keep up the good work!


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