Custom Wedding Signs

Custom Wedding Signs


Several months ago a friend I’ve known for years contacted me about making Custom Wedding Signs for her. I absolutely love being able to make items for people to take home and treasure, but being involved in someones BIG day is awesome! I had a great time working with the bride to create some truly custom, beautiful signs.

Custom Wedding Signs

I tried a new technique with these signs to get some colored accent words. I had never done this before but I created a step by step tutorial for any of those that may want to try the same thing!

Custom Wedding SignsStep 1: Paint the wood in the color you want your letters to be. In this case I painted my wood black.

Step 2:  Paint any accent lettering areas. I needed some of the words to be a different color other than black, so I measured out the areas where the letters would go and I painted out a block of the accent color. Some were easier than others to create the color blocking.

Step 3: Place your vinyl lettering down on the wood. I had to be very careful to make sure that all my lettering was placed in the right colored areas.

Step 4: Paint over the vinyl lettering with the LETTER color. This will help to prevent bleeding of the top coat under the vinyl.

Step 5: Add the top coat. This will be the color you want your signs to be. I used an off white paint on all of my signs.

Step 6: Once all the paint is dry, remove the vinyl letters. I usually use a craft weeding tool to help me peel them up.

Custom Wedding Signs

I created 8 signs in all. The signs were used for both the ceremony and reception, everything from the ring bearer sign to the bride and groom’s table.

Custom Wedding Signs

Some of the signs had holes drilled in them so the bride could add ribbon of her choice to them.

Custom Wedding Signs

The bride also wanted table numbers. I made them out of a 2×6 and cut it into 14 blocks. I made them using basically the same process as the signs.

Custom Wedding Signs

I am very proud of how they all turned out and I was so honored to be a part of the couple’s big day! From the looks of things it looks like their wedding day went beautifully! Congrats Laura and Kevin!!!

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  1. Love this!!! I am working on signs for my own wedding in the next few weeks. What kind of wood is this? And how did you distress it after? Thank you so much!!!

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