Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

This past weekend I headed out of town to celebrate my soon to be sister-in-law’s bridal shower and bachelorette party. I had an absolute blast, especially getting to know the bride and her family better. When it came time to decide what I wanted to give as a gift at the shower I decided that my Wedding Day Emergency Kit was a must. I’ve made my kit for other weddings and it has always come in handy. You never know when a zipper will fail, a heal will break, something gets spilled, or someone forgot deodorant!

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

So are you curious what I put in the Emergency Kit? Let me break it down for ya…..

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

I boxed everything up in a little tub which I of course had to customize with a little vinyl. Couldn’t help myself.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

I think there is something in there for everything that may go wrong. Hopefully this means that no matter what might be thrown at us the day of the wedding, we can handle it. Oh and I also threw some straws in there at the last minute so all the girls can drink their….um beverages….without ruining their makeup!

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

What do you think of the Wedding Day Emergency Kit that I put together? Is there anything you would of added?

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I am saying it now….there will most definitely be lots of wedding related posts happening in the next few months. I hope y’all don’t mind and I REALLY hope there are some of you that are inspired by them.

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  1. Anna Falks says:

    I know this is a couple months old, but the only thing I’ve experienced that was needed that isn’t on this list is white-out! When my aunt got married, while she was putting on lipstick someone called her name. When she turned around the lipstick broke and fell down the front of her wedding dress! Someone with white-out saved the day! 🙂

    • White out is smart! Baby wipes will also get out almost anything if it is fresh. Even blood! This tip is courtesy of my alterations person who pricked me with a pin. Blood got on my dress and the baby wipe took it right out! Also, I used this tip when one of my preschoolers got a bloody nose while wearing a white dress. It is gold!!!

  2. A mirror should be added to the list

  3. I’m really lost – I use these items of course but I have no idea why a bride might need:

    Vaseline or dryer sheets? Is there a cool hack I’m missing?

    • Vaseline has lots of uses….it can be used on feet it shoes are rubbing them wrong, makeup remover, can help prevent chaffing, gets makeup stains out of clothing and so much more.

      The dryer sheets….can removed deodorant marks and if clothing has static cling you can rub the dryer sheets on your body to remove it.

      Hope you learned some fun new facts! : ) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. how do I obtain this kit?

  5. Thanks Courtney for the wonderful idea. I am going to make one up for my dsughter,

  6. Teresa James says:

    I would add dramamine for nausea and motion sickness and neosporin for minor cuts n scrapes.

  7. Patricia Gibson says:

    My favorite must-have is panty liners! You can use them for the obvious, but you can also use them as insoles in shoes that are too large. The adhesive strip holds them in place. They can also be used to line a rubbing heel too. Another use for these little wonders is as dress shields to keep perspiration from soaking through your sleeve. Use them side to side with the sticky part along the seam.
    White chalk is another spot remover to keep in your kit. It is especially good if something greasy gets on a white shirt or on a wedding gown. Shout wipes work well too.
    If you need to hold up strapless gowns or keep parts tucked where they are supposed to stay, use carpet tape, not Hollywood tape. Carpet tape will HOLD all day and night! Trust me on this one! I work in a bridal shop and have dressed many a bride and bridesmaid!
    Oh, one last thing – bring a small sewing kit. Someone will need to sew on a button or put in a quick hem if you don’t have one.

  8. I made this for my son’s wedding ,the bride lived itt. I would add bug spray for out door wedding along with sunscreen. The items,we didn’t use she keeps in her car for emergency

  9. I would add non drowsy hayfever tablets. That is really helpful for the bride or indeed anyone who may be suffering during the day. I am using your list to help me get a kit together for my friend’s wedding next week, so thank you very much 🙂

  10. The Tampax is necessary, but I needed a lot more than that on the day I got married. If they still make those serious pads in individual hygenic plastic wraps, they might come in handy in an emergency. I know I was still paranoid all day in my beautiful white gown. I would also bring a change of pantyhose. Nothing more uncomfortabl than a rip in your hose rubbing its way into a blister on your big toe.

  11. This is amazing! I am going to put one together for my wedding next summer! I am also going to take some of the ideas and put together one for my hubby to be. We all know men don’t think about these things, and I want to make sure all the guys have everything they might need the day of too.

    Thank you so much for sharing! I would have forgotten half of these items!

  12. taliya macelree says:

    I would add extra pair of underwear just in case your cycle becomes heavy unexpectedly and messes up the current pair your wearing and feminine wipes just to always feel fresh even in crunch time.

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