Simple Winter Mantel

Simple Winter Mantel | A Diamond in the Stuff

After Christmas I am left with a feeling of decorating withdrawal. The house seems so full and warm during Christmas time.  Then January comes around and everything goes back into boxes and the house feels sad. One area that instantly seems neglected is my mantel. So I turned some Christmas leftovers and items I had lying around the house into my Simple Winter Mantel.

Simple Winter Mantel | A Diamond in the Stuff

I knew I didn’t want to jump straight into my Spring Mantel but I didn’t want to go crazy creating a winter one. So I started shopping my house. A walk to the garage produced this old window that I’ve used on several mantel-scapes in the past. Then I remembered a couple tubs I had full of white candles. I’m not sure where all of these candles of different hues and sizes came from, but they occasionally come in handy!

Simple Winter Mantel | A Diamond in the Stuff

I then spotted my mound of discarded Christmas garland on the floor and saved it from it’s trashcan fate. I’m sure my husband thought I was nuts at this point. I popped the window on the mantel, draped the garland across it, and added the candles throughout. Isn’t the candle glow amazing?

Simple Winter Mantel | A Diamond in the Stuff

It’s just what I needed. It’s glowing and warm and cozy. Do you decorate your mantel for winter? What do you think of my Simple Winter Mantel?

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  1. I feel the same way about the emptiness between seasons. I have two mantels decorated for winter. One very simply and one with my snowmen collection that don’t come out until Christmas decor is packed away.

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