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Industrial Open Shelving | A Diamond in the Stuff

I have been in a MOOD lately to update my dining area. My house has been semi the same for over two years and for this military wife that is about as much time as I usually spend in a house, so it’s time to change things up! I have a very small dining space in my great room (kitchen, dining, living room) and most of that space it taken by two large windows. I only have this one small length of wall to decorate and it was time for something new. So the old came down and my new Industrial Open Shelving went up!

Chippy Aqua Architectural Find

Here is what the area looked like before my little makeover. And amazingly enough, it looked different before this with a large hanging mirror. I blogged about this Chippy Aqua Architectural Find in 2014.

Industrial Open Shelving | A Diamond in the Stuff

So how did I make my industrial shelving you ask? Well pretty simply actually. It started with some piping from the hardware store. Yep just normal everyday plumbing material. I decided to use 2in x 12in boards for the shelves so I needed 12in pipes to accommodate them. I went with 3/4in flange, pipe, and cap.

Industrial Open Shelving | A Diamond in the Stuff

I assembled the flange, pipe, and cap together after giving them a good scrubbing (the come a little oily). Then I attached them to the wall with some wall anchors and screws. I took the 2×12 pine boards and had fun distressing them with all kinds of tools, then I stained them with Special Walnut by Minwax.

Industrial Open Shelving | A Diamond in the Stuff

I popped those boards up on the pipes and VOILA! I had so much fun decorating them even though it took me forever to get them the way I liked.

Industrial Open Shelving | A Diamond in the Stuff

I now have a home for some of my Rae Dunn collection which makes me so happy.

Industrial Open Shelving | A Diamond in the Stuff

I didn’t have to buy much to decorate my new shelves (always a plus), I mostly shopped my home for items. I did however create the Kitchen Conversions sign you see (click on the link for the free file).

Industrial Open Shelving | A Diamond in the Stuff

The wall anchors and screws are doing their job, look at all those mugs! It’s all pretty heavy and it’s holding strong!!! The mug holder is from World Market in case you’re wondering.

Industrial Open Shelving | A Diamond in the Stuff

Look at all that distressing! I took a hammer, chisel, sandpaper, and mallet to the boards to give them a really distressed look. Love how they look!

Industrial Open Shelving | A Diamond in the Stuff

I have some little bits of industrial items around my home and this Industrial Open Shelving is a great addition! It all came together perfectly and it’s now my new favorite spot in my house, you know until my next new spot happens!!!

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  1. JaneEllen says:

    Am loving your shelves and treasures on them. Love it all and how you made the shelf brackets, great look. Did you make the cake pan tower?, love that. Been wanting one, had looked at those cake pans at thrift stores now won’t see them, they seem to be available in spurts.

    If you’re always creating and thinking of what you can create there will always be new favorite projects and favorite spots in your home. Keeps us thinking, imagining, sorting, digging in saved “stuff”, how boring our lives would be if we didn’t do all that. Keeps this old lady busy all the time, course my house might be lot tidier but who cares (besides hubs) and by now he’s used to my crazy digging and redoing things.
    Like just now he was asking me why I saved two egg shells (one is blue/other is tan, from our chickens. Think I have something in mind for them.
    Happy week

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