Witch’s Scroll and Spooky Porch

Witch's Scroll and Spooky Porch | A Diamond in the Stuff

October is officially upon us. The past couple years I haven’t been in a “decorate for Halloween” kind of mood, much to my son’s dismay. So this year I PROMISED that we would SPOOKify our front porch. Shortly after said promise I got an email from the good people at PRO WORLD INC asking if I would like to give their HTV (heat transfer vinyl) a try! Well yes I would and I know JUST how I will put it to use! Enter the Witch’s Scroll and Spook Porch!

Witch's Scroll and Spooky Porch | A Diamond in the Stuff

First of all, they sent me some gorgeous black glitter HTV. Yay. However, I have actually never cut glitter HTV before so I decided right then and there that this was my time to try! For those like me, fairly inexperienced to the HTV world, I broke it down into a few steps:

1: First I cut out some fabric I had lying around. It was a thick cotton canvas, I knew it would hang just how I wanted it to and it was readily available!

2: Then I designed and cut out my “image”, which just so happened to be words. Can anyone place where this quote comes from?

3: Once I had the HTV cut and weeded (might I had, it was a DREAM to weed. A DREAM!) I positioned it onto my cut out fabric.

4: Then I tore off a piece of parchment paper and laid it on top of the HTV and clear carrier sheet.

5: I cranked up my iron as hot as it would go and I pressed each section for 15 seconds each. Once all the HTV had adhered to the fabric, I removed the carrier sheet and did another press just using the parchment paper.

6: To finish it up, I grabbed a small stick and glued it to the top of the fabric. You’re probably asking yourself right about now if this lady has lost her mind. Most definitely. But we’re not getting into that now.

Witch's Scroll and Spooky Porch | A Diamond in the Stuff

Ah, it’s all coming together now! Pretty fabulous right? Have you guessed the quote by now? It’s from Macbeth, you know with the three witches standing over their cauldron reciting this spell.

Witch's Scroll and Spooky Porch | A Diamond in the Stuff

I picked a font that I thought looked hand written (shorelines script) like one of the witches scrawled it out. It looks so good with the glitter vinyl too. Well I was absolutely in love with my new Witch’s Scroll at this point, however my porch was certainly not living up to it’s fabulousness and I DID promise the boy that we would have an awesome Halloween porch this year.

Witch's Scroll and Spooky Porch | A Diamond in the Stuff

So I got busy on creating a porch that was special enough for my new door-hanger! A trip to the local park got me some fabulous dead branches (and free I might add!). The hubby loaded the back of the truck with a bed full of these huge suckers. I also picked up these incredible pumpkins, which just so happen to be called fairytale pumpkins!

Witch's Scroll and Spooky Porch | A Diamond in the Stuff

Threw a few bats up on the branches and called it FABULOUS! I mean it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m just not into the gory, scary, morbid side of Halloween. But this, this I like!

Witch's Scroll and Spooky Porch | A Diamond in the Stuff

It’s not jump-out-and-make-someone-need-a-fresh-pair-of-undies scary, but it definitely has a spooky feel too it. I’ve already successfully creeped a couple neighbor kids out so I’ve got that going for me!

Alright, so tell me what you think? Are you dying for a Witch’s Scroll for your door and a super Spooky Porch now? I thought you might! Thanks everyone for stopping by and have a great week!!!

I just may be partying with some people this week!

*this post contains some paid product, but all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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  1. Auntiepatch says:

    I love it! All of it! But what the heck is weeding? The only weeding I know about is done outside in the hot sun…..

    P.S. Being a Theatre Major you had me at Bubble bubble.

    • Ha ha! Well this kind of weeding is VERY similar, you are basically removing all the unwanted vinyl (weeds if you will). Vinyl comes on a solid sheet and I use my Silhouette to cut images out. Once they are cut out I have to remove all the vinyl that I don’t need. This is called weeding! Great question!!!


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