Salvaged Door Entry Table

Our family is gearing up for a big move this spring. We’re headed to Albuquerque for a year. In preparation for listing our home for sale and moving, I am working on some stash busting projects! As some of you know, I like to sell many of my creations in local handmade shows (if anyone knows of good ones in the Albuquerque area, shoot me the info!), so I’ve been working on what I have lying around so that I can hopefully get the projects done and sold! I had a stack of old doors in my garage, I decided to pull one out and transform it.

It’s no secret I love salvaged goodies like windows, doors, and architectural accents. I’ve been wanting to make an entry table out of an old door for sometime now. I finally got the motivation and just happened to have everything I needed to get it done!

Supplies I used:

-Old door

-2 spindles for legs

-Salvaged wood for table top

-1×4 for table apron

-a little paint

-clear coat

I cleaned up the door, scrubbed and sanded. Then I added a clear coat to protect it and to seal in any possible lead paint.

Once that was done, it was time to build the table part. We built a simple box out of the 1×4’s, added the wood spindles to two of the corners, and then added the salvage wood top. To attach everything, we used a nail gun (which I highly recommend if you’re going to be doing a fair amount of DIY projects).

I painted the apron and the legs white with chalk paint. I clear coated the whole thing (table top, legs, and all) with polycrylic. Then we attached the table to the door. We drilled through the apron and the door, using bolts to attach them both.

Overall it was a pretty simple project, I should of done it sooner!

The little table makes it perfect for an entryway or a hall table! It provides the perfect spot to toss your keys, purse, and (if you’re like me) every single thing your child has ever picked up. Ever. I could see a cute little mirror added to the top part of the door, or maybe some hooks!?

The bottom part of the entry table is the perfect spot for a cute basket or bin. I’m a bit obsessed with baskets and bins, I have one in almost every room. It’s a great place to store extra blankets and other unsightly items. A little organizational tip I use: hide some of those ugly but necessary items at the bottom of a cute basket with a pretty throw blanket on top! You will have the items easily accessible but not in plain sight.

My Salvaged Door Entry Table sold after it’s debut appearance at a show I did. It’s not hard to see why, she’s a beaut! Isn’t she? I’ve got another door and I’m thinking another table is in order!!!

Thank y’all for visiting today!!!


Here is another fun project made some some salvaged shutters……


  1. You always have such fun ideas to re-purpose items. Looks great. Good luck with more projects and all the packing!

  2. totally charming and the whole time I was reading the post I was thinking “I bet that will sell in a heartbeat” and….I was right! Congrats.
    Hope the move goes smoothly.

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