Dryer Vent Pumpkin {Tutorial}

Dryer Vent Pumpkin Tutorial | A Diamond in the Stuff
Last year I made some dryer vent pumpkins. I didn’t really post a tutorial and since I was making a bunch more this year I decided to tell you how I did it. It’s super duper easy and there are a ton of ways to personalize them to your style.
I bought two different sizes of dryer vent at Home Depot. They measure 3in and 4in, I only made one size last year but I wanted to add some variety this go around. I cut them using wire cutters and scissors, making sure I had enough length by twisting the vent in a circle and giving a little extra room for gluing.
I used hot glue to attach the two raw ends of the dryer vent together. Side note: the metal of the dryer vent will get very hot once the hot glue is applied and your pressing it together. Not that I learned that the hard way or anything!!!
Once they are glued it’s painting time. This is where you can change things up to match your style! Want more neutral colors? More vibrant colors? How about metallics??? I used Heirloom White and Real Orange by Rustoleum.
Once the paint was dry it was time to add a “stem”. I used a cinnamon stick and glued it into the center of the pumpkin. You can use a stick from the yard or a cut piece of wood, whatever you fancy! I also added a bit of spanish moss for a little texture and warmth.
I love the orange ones….but I’m totally crushing on the white ones!!!
I love them! I’m bringing a ton to my show on Friday (If you live on the California Central Coast and your interested in attending please let me know!)
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  1. these look absolutely AMAZING!!! we don’t get into halloween so much down here in oz – but i’m thinking we need to!!!!!
    love this tutorial – off to pin it!
    cheryl xox.

    • I’m from oz and we totally decorate for fall / harvest time. Love pumpkins scarecrows and sunflowers for the fall

  2. I LOVE this, partly because I was just in the AC ductwork section of Lowe’s yesterday looking at these hoses for other reasons. lol, hilarious!

  3. So cute! What a great idea!

  4. Love the white one. Super cute.

  5. Gorgeous, who would have thought of dryer bents?! I’d be hard pressed to choose which I like better, both are perfect.

  6. Adorable! Great job.

  7. How do you know how many inches to buy and I assume you used spray paint.


  8. These are so super cute!!! Wonder if you could use your great glitter paint from your last pumpkin post??? Oh, and where is this show on Friday? I would love to see your work!

  9. I have seen these but I LOVE yours…the white one with the moss looks amazing! I am inspired…must make one this year!

  10. I just love the white pumpkins. I just had to show my mom. Perfect!=)
    Kristina J.

  11. Now that’s resourceful! Love it!!!

  12. Oh, very cool idea … I love it!

  13. These are absolutely darling! Thanks for sharing the idea!

  14. these are adorable! I want one, or two… or more!! 🙂

  15. i absolutely LOVE these! i’m not big into halloween decorating but i love fall….these are perfect! pinning them and sharing on my FB page too! thanks!!

  16. These are adorable! genius!

  17. So clever, clever, clever. I need an orange pumpkin to go with my teal and white pumpkins, this might be the solution!!

  18. Fabulous! Hope you don’t mind I shared in on my Facebook page! Take care, Laura

  19. These are SOOO cute! I got some dryer vent at ReStore for a little bit of nothing. I’m gonna have to give these a try. THANKS so much!

  20. My absolute favorite project in this weeks CSI roundup! This is so creative and I love the look of them. Thanks for sharing!

  21. So creative! I will certainly be using your tutorial to make these for my home this year. Thanks for sharing!

  22. So creative! If you don’t mind, I will be making these for my home this year. Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  23. Fabulous job Laura. Using the dryer vent is a GENIUS idea!! I’m sharing your FALL decor over at Blogland’s Fabulous Friday Finds!


  24. Ha! Such a great idea for pumpkins! Love it!!! Stopping by from the 504 Main linky party and am your newest follower 🙂


  25. Too cute and so clever..

  26. Oh geez I just love your idea! They look so fabulous and the white ones are simply to die for gorgeous! I found you through Pinterest and thank you for sharing how you did them!
    Sending you warmest wishes from Germany

  27. Umm… I WILL be making these! I love them and think they are totally shabby chic!

  28. These are fantastic! Great idea! Stop over for a visit sometime…

  29. Oh my goodness!!! This is such a great idea, and one I never would have thought to do! Thanks for sharing 😀


  30. This is freakin’ genius! I have sooo much leftover dryer vent from the last time we had to buy it. I’m so excited to try this out so I don’t have to store that junk anymore or feel guilty about throwing it away! Yay for upcycling! 🙂 Thanks for the magnificent idea.

  31. I am so in love with this idea; I pinned this because it is so fabulous looking. Gonna try this.

  32. Holy cuteness!! I love these! I featured you today in my Friday I’m In Love favorites.


    – Jenn @ Social Salutations

  33. LOVIN’ these and especially the white ones! I’m putting your adorable pumpkins in the PoPP Spotlight this weekend. Thanks for sharing with us.

  34. Genius! seriously. Just brilliant.



  35. How fun are these! I have to go to Lowes today so I’m adding a vent {or two} to my list. Thanks!


  36. So, so smart! I loved this project so much, I shared it in my Saturday Seven lineup this week! http://www.positivelysplendid.com/2011/09/saturday-seven-no-24.html

  37. Very nice! How much are you charging for them and do you think you will selling them online?

  38. These are so neat!

  39. Wow! What a fun project. You did an amazing job with this. Thanks for sharing with Sweets This Week.


  40. I really liked this project! I had some dryer vent left over, but the kind I had was the more ridged stuff…didn’t work well for this so I bought some at Wal-Mart and ended up with 9 pumpkins out of 20 feet. I painted 4 orange (mine is more of a burnt orange) and 5 ivory. I saved 6 and am taking 2 to my mom to put in her office at work. Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

  41. I love these! I shared them with my mailing list. It appears you can paint right on the venting? No primer? I love it… trying it this weekend!

  42. These are gorgeous! Great idea – simply beautiful! I’m def. going to make these!!

  43. OK, this is awesome!!!!

    – Mindy

  44. I’ve seen these featured everywhere, and finally had to stop and give you a shout out–these are great and I love them!

  45. LOVE THEM!

  46. How clever! Love this!

  47. This is genius!

  48. Hey this is great idea.will make one for my sitting room decoration.
    As Seen On TV Products

  49. These are so wonderfully creative! Great job!!

  50. Oh my gosh, my mom made some of these about 20 years ago. Seeing these brought back some memories :o) I love how you did yours with the moss! Thank you for sharing!

  51. so cute! I adore pumpkins! Saw this over at CSI! ~Stephanie

  52. This is literally genius! I wish I could think outside the box like you do!

  53. I just had to say hi – I pinned this earlier in the week and fully intend to go to Home Depot this weekend to make some of my own. I can’t wait for fall! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!

  54. Love these!! Am linking this to my Facebook page – hope that’s okay!!

  55. This is so cute! I love this idea! Thanks for the easy tutorial, I’m off to get the supplies and get creative!

  56. I would love to try this project.

  57. 😀 I like these, too!

  58. Hello!

    Thanks so much for posting your tutorial! I made some dryer hose pumpkins of my own and featured your post on my blog! 🙂

    DIY Dryer Hose Pumpkins

  59. Its all been said and I agree with all the compliments. Awesome.

  60. I stumbled upon your blog and I must say that you’re really creative. This is by far the best idea I’ve ever seen for Halloween! Keep up the good work!

  61. Totally awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your technique. Now I’m off to Home Depot!

  62. What a cute idea..I may have to share if you don’t mind?
    Rena recently posted…Using Pixie Dust Paint on an old milk can!My Profile

  63. CraftyCanuck says:

    What a great idea! I am wondering, last year when I put the faux pumpkins out on our front deck, I filled them with golf balls to keep them from blowung away in the wind. I think that I would put a few in before I glued the ends together, has anyone else done anything similar?

  64. We tried this with the Rustoleum glitter spray paint and it just rolled off. Will try again with craft paint.

    • Did you spray them with a base color first? Or just apply the glitter spray straight to the dryer vents? I used a base spray paint first and then used the glitter spray once that dried. Good luck!!!

    • The curbly site is ok because they link pack to me. But I have contacted the facebook page and asked them to edit their post with the proper source. It all started because that Franklin Piercy guy posted my images and did not give me as the source. So other FB pages picked up the images and shared them as though they were his. It’s pretty frustrating but what can you do? Thanks so much for looking out for me!!!

  65. liviler says:

    how many pumpkins can you get out of an 8 foot length vent? or better question…how many inches do you need do make one pumpkin with the 4′ size?

  66. nice post

  67. This makes me want to get drafty again♥

  68. Thanks so much for this! Great inspiration! 🙂 Will be featured in our next article for sure!
    Maya M recently posted…20+ Awesome Halloween Costumes for CouplesMy Profile

  69. Judy harris says:

    Cutest idea ever, will definitely be making these! Am new to this Pintrest thing and came across your fantastic site. Do you have any silloutte ideas, am having a hard time finding any I would want to try? You are definitely a Diamond in the Stuff!!!

  70. Very good tutorial. I like it very much. Keep the good work.


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