Wedding Dress Jewelry Display

Most women are probably at a total loss for what to do with their wedding dress once the wedding day is over. Some women sell theirs, some women pass theirs down to other family members, some turn theirs into Christening gowns for their children, and some are like me and just have them sitting in their closets.
My friend Missy was facing this same predicament. She has two sons, so no illusions of one of her children wearing it some day. The dress was just sitting in a bag in her closet. We were working on designing her a hanging jewelry display when she had the great idea of incorporating her wedding dress into the design.
I think I asked her if she was sure about this, oh maybe a dozen times! To say I was nervous to cut up someones wedding dress is an understatement! As I sat on the floor with scissors in hand I do believe I had a small panic attack. I held my breath…..picked up the scissors…..and started cutting away!
I grabbed an empty picture frame from my stash and painted it a light brown to go with Missy’s bedroom decor. I cut a thin wood board to fit inside the back of the picture frame.
Using some spray adhesive, I attached a couple layers of her dress to the new wood back. I added them in the order that they were on the dress, with the top layer being the one that was on the outside of the dress. Then it was time to start cutting the top of the dress. *holding breath*
After much debating how to best detach the bodice, turning the dress inside and out, I finally pulled the top part with all the detailing away from the dress. We wanted to make sure that all this beautiful beading and lace was preserved and displayed. I attached the bodice to the fabric covered board with spray adhesive and fabric glue. I wanted it to appear as if the dress was still in one piece and just lying inside the frame.
Once the dress was attached to the backing it was time to add the hooks. I decided on using 7 cup hooks across the top to provide lots of hanging space. They were just screwed in by hand into the wood.
I attached the whole thing into the frame with some small nails and it was done. Now she has a beautiful place to hang her jewelry….not to mention an awesome visual reminder of her wedding day.
So when I was finally able to get my heart to slow down and the knot in my stomach subsided I was able to take a step back and enjoy the finished project. I love it and so does she! So do you have a wedding dress just sitting around getting old? Why not make a wedding dress jewelry display for yourself???
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  1. This turned out very pretty… I don’t think I could do it though. Eeeee! My wedding dress is just sitting in my closet as well. I keep saying I’m gonna bring it in to get cleaned & boxed up, I just haven’t yet…

    • Same here. Mine is still hanging in the closet…oh for the last 5 years including a move. I have been meaning to get it cleaned and boxed but haven’t. I did use it to wear in a glam photo shoot I did to send my Hubby while he was deployed last year (ya for still fitting into it!).

      I have to do something, but I can’t bring myself to cut it up.

  2. Awesome idea… great job!

  3. Wow!!! (I would have a panic attack also taking scissors to a wedding dress) This turned out beautiful! What a pretty way to display something so very special…

  4. I love this idea! I’ve been trying to come up with a great repurposed use for my wedding dress. I’ve also been wanting something to hang my handful of necklaces on. (I hate dropping them in my jewelry box.) Did I also mention we’re about to start redoing our bedroom? This might be the perfect use. The only problem is the only decorative spot on my dress is at the waist. Hmmm, time to put on the thinking cap. This turned out amazing!!!

  5. That is so clever, I love it. What happily married bride wouldn’t want to look at part of her dress every day to remind her of her wedding day. My daughters would never wear my wedding dress, but maybe they would like something made out of it…. hmmmm…..


  6. A seamstress friend took my daughter’s wedding dress and made a baptismal gown and cap. She saved the bodice in case my grandaughter would want to use it to make her wedding dress.

  7. That’s so pretty! My dress was so simple that it probably wouldn’t look very interesting (it had a white satin ribbon under the bust, and then a few more where it ended at my knees, but that was it!) I wish I could think of something equally cool to both preserve it AND make it functional again! 🙂

  8. That’s gorgeous! I’ve thought for awhile how pretty it would be to have a shadow box with my wedding dress, but this is practical and pretty. Your friend will always smile when she sees it.

  9. Very pretty! I don’t think I could cut up my dress though. Maybe I could find one at Goodwill to make this with!


  10. This turned out beautifully. I have a sash that went with my dress. I might have to do something similar with it.

  11. Wow that turned out beautiful. You girls have guts 🙂
    My dress is boxed up (after being cleaned) but it takes up so much room. So how cool to turn it into something she will see daily and have as a special memory.

    Come visit Marriage from Scratch!


  12. What an impressive and inventive use of a wedding dress.

  13. This is absolutely beautiful! That is such a smart way to preserve such a precious memory. Would be delighted for you to share this at Mop it Up Mondays:


  14. I love it and totally want to try it!! What a fantastic idea!! 🙂

  15. Great idea! My niece was going to give hers to Goodwill and I suggested I make a quilt out of it. She loved the idea and it turned out beautiful!

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